Sun Signs in A Nutshell

The Sun is the center of the Solar System and in astrology your Sun Sign is a part of  your core personality and attributes and can give a reasonable analysis of certain traits you are likely to exhibit. Often people find that their sun sign gives them a keen insight into parts of themselves and while the whole chart of a person needs to be studied to get deeper understanding of someone's personality and motivations, the Sun Sign is always a good place to start.

Aries the Ram

Aries Women

All Aries women have a secret desire that they don't like to admit: they wish they were more feminine. Don't get me wrong, your Aries female has enough vanity to dress pretty and she almost always looks good. But inside her insecure little heart, she wishes she could be more like say, your average Pisces female.

Ruled by fiery Mars, the Aries female finds it hard not to be assertive and take charge. Those who know her call her bossy and at times domineering, but in her mind, she is just trying to help.

So is she bossy and domineering? She can be. She can also be crazy competitive about her need for being the center of attention. She can also be jealous and pretty selfish in an immature way, but all this is just a way for her to protect her vulnerable heart that she wears on her sleeve and to hide her naiveté that often gets that heart broken. Aries women have an innocent way of believing in people and life that is touching. And when people (and life) don't meet her expectations, her vulnerable heart feels crushed beyond measure. Although this won't stop her from believing again, since she feels things with a fiery passion, the burn can really hurt and after she has been burned a few times, she will put up walls of bravado and independence to mask her fears that no one will love her for who she is.


If your heart has been captured by an Aries female, I wish you the gifts of patience (she doesn't have any, everything she wants, she needs to have it yesterday). But if you hang around long enough, you will find someone who believes in you and all your dreams, someone who is fiercely loyal and capable of warming your heart with her love on the coldest of nights. 


Aries Men

Winning is the favorite profession of the Aries Sun Sign people of both sexes, so rest assured that your Aries man will always want to win. At everything. He will also always expect you to take his side and be loyal to his causes (Aries people love championing causes). Until he changes his loyalties and then he will expect you to follow suit. The Aries man might remind you of a boisterous child who enthusiasm is so contagious that almost everything he does is forgivable. His zest for life wins people over and he enjoys anything that involves competing -- as long as he comes out on top. 

He has no idea that his need for attention borders on selfishness. He has so many dreams he wants to pursue and so much he wants to do, he might forget to give you any attention while he is busy living life.  But being with an Aries man can be fun, they do enjoy the chase and their spontaneous bursts of affection and courting is enough to win any girl over. The secret to keeping an Aries man, don't bore him, don't try to tie him down (he is spontaneous enough to spring proposals after short periods of time anyway) and once in a while it is ok to trigger his jealousy - it won't take much so you need to be careful, but his fiery Mars valor will make him want to win your hand over. Be there for him when one of his dreams get broken and remind him that tomorrow is another day and you will surely win over his loyalty and his heart.

Taurus the Bull

Taurus Women

Music, harmony and food are part of the way into a Taurus woman's heart. Ruled by Venus, and being born under the earth element, the Taurus woman is a creature of the senses. Perfumes make a great gift for her as they stimulate her in the right way. She likes stability and people who keep their word. She is also very attached to her family and requires money in the bank as part of her security blanket. The Taurus female is not quick to warm up and is careful about picking a mate. She is a sensual being and you may find her partying and enjoying life, specially in her younger year, but she will always be looking to create more structure and a way to make life more secure. Fickle people turn her off, as do flashy and dramatic people. She likes things calm and serene.

This woman is very patient and dependable and at times quite hard headed and stubborn. Oh yes -- once this woman makes up her mind, no force on earth can change it. She doesn't really have a temper, but be warned, unlike an Aries female whose anger is explosive but brief, Taurus people of both sexes are dangerous to be around once they lose their considerable cool. Much better to stay on their good side and if you want something from them, try sweets, sweet talk or puppies. That will melt their hearts and make them love you with a fixity that is rare and comforting in the most trying of times.

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Taurus Men

An unexpected thing about Taurus men is that they have a great sense of humor. Why is it unexpected? Because when you first meet them, they might have no particular expression on their faces (not the poker face of Scorpios who are clearly hiding their feelings, this is just more boredom of seeing fools run around like fools in this world.) The Taurus male much like his female counterpart, loves music, beauty, art and tangible things. 

He is fiercely loyal to his family and those he considers his family and will generously give his time, energy and attention to the folks.

If you've fallen for a Taurus man, you don't have to worry. He will court you in a sweet and patient way. His interest will be expressed more by his actions that his words, although a Taurus man with a Gemini moon can string together some pretty heady poetry. The most shining quality of your Taurus man is that you can count on him. He is dependable and loyal. You're looking for passion you say? Don't be fooled by his mild manner, he is an earth sign ruled by the sensuous planet Venus. His fires just take longer to light up, but once they are lit, they can outlive many a fire sign fleeting fancy.

The way into his heart? Be kind, be loving and don't be crass. Your Taurus man will be very patient, but if you think you can push him around, be prepared to be trampled over when he sees red. What can you do if you managed to push him away, which I am sure took considerable work? Puppies. Yes, buy him a puppy and show up at his doorstep wearing his favorite perfume. Venus will do the rest.

      The rest of the Sun Signs are coming soon..stay tuned!