Super Snow Moon in Virgo ~ Unleash and Rise

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The full moon in Virgo tomorrow is a Supermoon, aka when the moon is closer to the earth. and this particular Supermoon is the strongest one we will have all year because this is the closest point the moon will come to in 2019.

While the January lunar eclipse was cosmically designed to make us feel uncomfortable, this Full Moon in February shines the light of mental clarity through Mercurial Virgo in our consciousness bringing with it an exciting feeling of freedom as it forms a harmonious aspect to both Mars and Uranus. The nice thing about this excitement is that it is grounded in the energy of Earth signs and so the vibrations of the planets are encouraging us to be open to the potential for change in our material lives if we can open our minds and hearts to a new perspective from within. Uranian influence is always a catalyst for change and Mars is the principle of action, putting those two together under the light of the emotional full moon can be quite a catalyst for change if we allow it to be!

The other important thing about this full moon, also known as the snow moon, is that falls under the fixed star Regulus in the Heart of the constellation of Leo. Regulus is the archetype of courage, independence, ambition, success, power and fame. Under this vibration, I encourage you to be courageous in the face of your fears, ambitious about overcoming your resistance to what might be holding you back from your success and fame. It is a great moon to look at your inner self in the eye and find clarity about the path forward. True freedom is something we only grant ourselves when we unleash our inner beauty, and rise to the occasion of loving ourselves unconditionally, thereby creating space for the world to do the same.

Suggested meditation for this full moon: light a white candle and let yourself breathe more deeply as you look into the flame. Slowly close your eyes and let your stillness make you more aware of any internal sensations you may be experiencing. Are there any heightened emotions? What is your inner self urging you towards? What will bring you more joy and freedom if you allowed it into your life? Let the answers arise from within you without judgement, observe what your soul is communicating to you through your heart. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes, rub your hands together and blow out the candle.


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