New Moon in Aquarius and the Year of the Boar


The Chinese New Year starts on the eve of Feb 4th under the new moon in the western zodiac sign of the Water Bearer. This new moon has a light and playful energy, for once all the planets are in direct motion, there is no eclipse, nothing intense, just an airy new moon coming in like a breath of fresh air. Even the weather feels like spring, very much unlike the freezing cold of the eclipse we had during the full moon.

The Boar/Pig is 12th in place in the Chinese zodiac, the myth being that the emperor organized a party and declared that animals of the zodiac would be chosen based on the order in which they arrived and the Boar overslept and thus came in last. This seems appropriate for the sensual and easygoing Boar/Pig sign people, who are naturally nurturing personalities with sensitive natures. Boars are loyal and playful and are very domestic creatures who love to love and be loved. They are also diligent, compassionate and generous. The Pig corresponds to the sign of Scorpio in Western astrology, so there is another more determined and intense side to them than first meets the eye. You are a Boar/Pig if you were born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 or 2007.

Chinese astrology is very different from Western astrology, and in order to get a more specific idea about your Chinese zodiac personalities and tendencies, you have to find out the element you were born under and also the sign that rules the hour you were born in. For example a water Boar/Pig will be far more easygoing than a fire Boar/Pig say born under the hour of the fire dragon. So there is more to the Chinese zodiac than superstitions an materialistic predictions. Astrology, both Chinese and Western are an intricate language of archetypes and symbols woven through the tapestry of our collective consciousness, individual and personal, yet universal.

2019 is the year of the female Earth Pig under Chinese astrology, so let’s hope the influences of the benevolent Boar/Pig shines through for us in the year to come.

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