Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Capricorn ~ Loving Reality As it Is

Tonight going into tomorrow, we are under the influence of a partial solar eclipse and new moon in the sign of Capricorn. It is the first eclipse of the year, and in some ways can set the tone for us as we gear up after the holidays for the year ahead.

Eclipses always have a quality of bringing to the surface things that are hiding. This could be emotional patterns we were not aware of previously, it could be finding out some truth about ourselves or about our lives through innerwork and meditation, or it could simply be a shift in our perspective of something that changes how we think and feel about it.

This particular Eclipse has a pretty serious quality to it, because it is in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and is also conjunct the current transiting Saturn in the same sign. I would describe this planetary alignment best as a reality check. At first it might not feel comfortable (Saturn's sobering influence is rarely a comfortable energy); but as we allow ourselves to look at the reality being presented to us, we have an opportunity to learn some truly valuable truths.

The eclipse does have some softening aspects to it with sextiles being formed by the Sun to both Venus and Neptune, and here is where the fun starts. Neptune is the planet of illusions, delusions, dreams, deceptions, as well as spiritual yearnings and higher love. So the sextile (harmonious) aspect from the Sun and Moon in Capricorn to Neptune in Pisces gives us a chance to use the Saturnian Capricorn no-nonsense vibration to cut through the wishy-washiness of Pisces, through coming to terms with our true emotions (represented by the Moon) and raising the veil on our illusions (Neptune) by aligning ourselves with our spiritual truth (Neptune).

Venus is also playing a role here by amplifying the vibrations of Love in the skies, and if we allow ourselves, we can open up to a deeper understanding of how to love our reality as it is. No denials, no escapism (which is always a chance where Neptune is involved), but simple accepting the truth about ourselves, our motivation, intentions and actions.

This experience is a deep experience of Love, and Venus also gives us a direction of how we may best rise to this occasion. We can do this by turning towards and choosing to listen to our Hearts, by acknowledging our emotions, the pains, the sorrows and the anguish. By shining the light of truth on our shadows, we create a path for us to live in the Now, loving reality as it is.

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