The Light gets Stronger ~ Full Moon in Cancer following the Winter Solstice

Tonight we have the full moon in Cancer following the winter solstice of yesterday. Last night was the longest night of the year and from today onwards, the days get longer and we get more light every day. It is interesting to reflect how nature plays out the metaphor of the play of light and darkness within our own being. Often the lowest points in our lives, the darkest times are an indication of what is to follow, which is a time of light and happiness.

The darkness then, is a way for us to grow towards the light, for without one, we cannot experience the other. Today’s full moon has the gentleness of Cancer and has the energy of soothing our psyches. Cancer is the sign traditionally ruled by the moon, so lunar qualities are amplified in this sign. For those sensitive to its vibration, this full moon can bring waves of emotion and a certain level of moodiness.

The two other planets that are interacting during this full moon are Venus and Neptune, and they are making a harmonious trine aspect to each other, so, should we choose, we can tap into the high vibrations of Love that are within us easily under this planetary influence. Venus represents human love and rules our heart and Neptune represents divine love and rules our desire to connect with the ethereal and otherworldly aspect of love. This planetary alignment coupled with the energy of the solstice and full moon, makes today a perfect day to contemplate and meditate on the pure vibration of Love that permeates both our light and our darkness.

Use this time to connect to yourself and engage in activities that bring you happiness and joy so that you may carry that forward into the new year.

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