New Moon and Mercury goes Direct ~ Expand into new horizons

Tomorrow’s new moon is quite an energetic and action filled one! This new moon is in Sagittarius (as is the Sun), and is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, so the energy is one of expansion and the stirring up of the element of fire in our nature. Mercury also goes direct tomorrow (woohoo, Mercury can never go direct soon enough) and this combination makes us feel ready to go up and at them. We are ready to clear out those mental cobwebs, start those new projects that we have been putting up and bring forth 2019 with a bang!

So far, all it sounds great and Jupiterian Sagittarius shines on us through the lens of these planets with optimistic faith. A word of caution though (Saturn is still in Capricorn, reminding us to look before we leap). While Jupiter and Sagittarian energy is expansive and great, it also has a tendency to push us beyond the boundaries to a point where our optimism and dreams get exaggerated and lose touch with reality. Add to that the squares that this new moon is making with both Mars and Neptune in Pisces, we need to be vigilant about not fooling ourselves into a make believe world of illusion where all is well and amazing. Specially the square to Neptune is the aspect that is cautioning us to think and really go deeper into what we feel vs what we wish we were feeling. In other words, while it might be a great idea to finally take the steps you need to start that business you have always dreamed of, don’t quit your day job until you have a solid plan.

There is also a certain level of restlessness that these planetary alignments bring with them, and my astrological advice is to engage in activities that help the body feel active (Sagittarius) as well as calming the mind and feeding the soul (Pisces). For some this may be dancing, for others yoga or martial arts. Anything that moves and grounds the energy at the same time will be very beneficial to those wanting to harness the most out of this new moon. Both Jupiter and Neptune (rulers of Sagittarius and Pisces) are ‘higher octave’ or spiritually inclined planets. So take advantage of this time to expand the horizons of your consciousness and ride the waves of that higher vibration to welcome in 2019.

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