New Moon in Scorpio, Last Phase of Venus Retrograde ~ A different way to love

Today the moon moved into Scorpio, the sign that Venus was retrograding in for the last month before moving into Libra. We are in the last phase of the Venus retrograde, which ends on Nov 16th, and this new moon in Scorpio marks the end of a cycle, a completion. Let’s talk about the Venus retrograde, because many people, myself included, are still feeling the effects of this retrograde intimately in our lives.

Venus rules our love lives and our love relationships. Depending on where this falls in our charts, Venus retrograde can create a time of upheaval and cleansing in that area of our lives. The retrograde started in Scorpio and Scorpio is a sign that doesn’t play around. Scorpio likes to go into the depths of things and the planet of relationships in this sign has made us look at the core of what drives the relationships in our lives. What works and what doesn’t? Sex is also an issue that comes up, what drives us sexually, what turns us on and off as well as where do we feel shameful about sex, also issues of power struggles in partnerships and imbalances of power in intimate and love relationships come into focus.

Interestingly enough, but not surprisingly, this Venus retrograde has brought to light the topic of love addictions. Scorpio is the sign in astrology that under the rulership of Pluto, governs the dark side of our psyche as well as all things hidden and taboo. This planetary alignment then, brings to the surface our compulsions in the arena of intimate relationships, partnerships and even just in the way we relate. Even better, it asks us to look at what creates the feelings of compulsions? In other words, why do we keep repeating the same unhealthy patterns in our relationships? What part of us wants to stay engaged when we know we should let go? Asking these questions might lead us to explore parts of us that we are not very comfortable with, the parts that enjoy the drama, the pain and the suffering.

The beautiful thing about Venus retrograding in Scorpio though, is that if we are brave enough to go into the deep dark parts of our being, we might discover some hidden treasures there. Scorpio and Pluto are after all, all about transformation, one of the symbols of Scorpio being the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes, so we are talking about core level transformation, finding a whole new way of being.

The good news is that the Venus retrograde ends in the sign of Libra, which indicates that once we come out of the dark night of Scorpio’s transformation, we find a much needed balance in our relationships, starting with our relationship to ourselves. The new moon today, is the chance for us to say yes to that balance that can be available to us if we open ourselves up to a new perspective, a new way of viewing love. This moon encourages us to get comfortable with loving ourselves in a completely different way, loving the shadows, the discomfort, the shame. It also encourages us to let go of our addictions, for what are addictions, if not a compulsion to satisfy a deep need for love? Plutonic Scorpio challenges us to transform and let go of what doesn’t serve our soul. Often transformation can feel like death, and in fact, it is parts of our selves dying so that we can be reborn more full of love and light.

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