From the sea comes a heart ~ Neptune and 12th house transits

I currently have 5 planets transiting my 12th house, an experience that has been interesting to say the least. The 12th house in astrology is one of the hardest houses to understand. Traditional astrology through out words like 'house of hidden enemies' and 'dreams and illusions'. Modern astrology in all it's optimism, has called it the house of 'higher love', and 'consciousness and spirituality'.

The true significance of the 12th house is very hard to grasp, because it's deeper than the oceans and the seas.

Yes, the ancient astrologers had it right, it is the house of hidden enemies, but not the enemies out there, but the enemy of our ego and it's pathological need to suffer. The 12th house shows patterns that are deep rooted and that cause us to self-destruct and keep us chained and unable to accept the healing power of love into our lives. When we have planets transiting the 12th house, our grip on what we consider to be reality is challenged beyond belief. Our sensitivities are so heightened that someone breathing next to us can feel like the starting of a tornado. We lose our filters and psychologically and emotionally, this can be extremely unnerving and can be very difficult indeed.

Neptune is the ruler of the 12th house and yes, this planet is about higher love. The promise of the 12th house is that if we allow ourselves to be cracked open, if we surrender our ego's needs and desires to put restrictions and definitions on what we need and want and must have, then there is a level of transformation possible that can only come from allowing the presence of True Love to come in. The 12th house is above all where we can feel death take over and come to terms with it. Where we can melt the shackles of our desire to own and possess and come to a place of selflessness and self acceptance all at the same time.

Letting go is never easy, but it is a necessary part of experiencing freedom in love and if we do that, perhaps we can find a way to 'enter the heart whose home is in the Great Sea, whose home is in the dream..and the dream is real', this heart is the heart of our Creator where all our wounds can come to rest and we can just be.

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