Solar Eclipse Feb 2018 ~ Love, Freedom and Union

Today we experienced a solar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius that is bringing into completion the cycle that was started with the solar eclipse on August 21st of last year. Eclipses tend to bring to the surface deep rooted issues that stay buried within our subconscious, the result might not be pleasant, but it does offer opportunity for growth and transformation.

The effect of this eclipse will be felt for at least the next 28 days as the moon waxes. The Sun in Aquarius also brings in vibrations of the opposite sign of Leo through polarity. Leo rules the heart in astrology and we will be feeling the vibrations of love and creativity at this time. Mercury is also very close to the Sun during this eclipse and so an opportunity is available to us to communicate from the heart.

Another interesting aspect the eclipse is making is a conjunction to the asteroid Juno. Mythologically, Juno is a moon goddess associated with fertility, childbirth and reproduction. Astrologically Juno rules deeper commitment and marriage. But the archetypal energies of the planets are not as straightforward as we may imagine and while love and commitment are definitely topics on the table with this eclipse, according to the book Asteroid Goddesses, “Juno symbolizes the yearning for full mystic union that is emotionally, sexually, and psychologically fulfilling…In the horoscope, Juno represents the emotional and psychological needs that motivate us to seek marital union” . To me, this is then also an opportunity for us to experience a mystical union with our deeper selves, a pre-requisite for a true soul mate relationship.

More on the topic of love, the planetary vibrations of this eclipse asks us to tap into the higher vibration of love, the kind of love that removes the illusion of separation and enables us to experience another as they are without judgement and with full compassion. This is the kind of love that can help heal our deepest wounds as we can feel ourselves as part of the oneness of the universe.

If we allow ourselves, we have the supporting vibrations of the solar eclipse conjunct the planet Uranus, the radical free thinker and freedom lover that can help open our minds to positive change, greater personal freedom and choice.

New moons are a good time to start new projects, set new intentions and bring in new energy into our lives. A solar eclipse is like a new moon on steroids, add to that the pizazz of the start of the Chinese New Year (tomorrow, Feb 16th, we go into the Year of the Dog), and we have on our hands one amazing opportunity to align ourselves to the planetary vibrations and use them to do some serious inner work.

The way to personalize this energy and use it in your life is to ask yourself which area of your life is reflecting a lack of love and what would you need to do in order to bring in more love to it? For example, if it’s your intimate relationship that feels like it lacks love, ask yourself what are you afraid of? Is it the loss of this person? If so, what are you getting from them that you are refusing to give yourself? Can you find a way to embrace the discomfort and treat yourself with more compassion?

Tap into your heart and embrace the freedom that love offers, now is always the time.

P.S. I am giving a meditation workshop in keeping with the theme of the eclipse and new beginnings on Sunday, Feb 18th, 1:30pm at 11 Newel St, Brooklyn, NY 11222. For more details and to register to join me, click HERE

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