New Moon 1/16/18 ~ Working with our Karma

This new year started with the full moon in Cancer, the sign of motherhood. On an astrological level, as well as an archetypal level, what this signifies is an influx of feminine energy into the planet. We are noticing a change in the times, with all the news coming to the surface, women speaking out against injustices and taking a stand. Really what we are striving towards is balance on a very primal as well as spiritual level.

The new moon today is in the sign of Capricorn, and along with the moon, we have 5 other planets, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto. This kind of an alignment is called a stellium and is basically a cluster of focused energy through the lens of the sign expressed by the vibrations of the planets that are involved.

Capricorn in astrology is ruled by the planet Saturn and it recently moved into this sign where it feels very much at home. Saturn is the archetypal keeper of our karma and often the lessons of Saturn can seem harsh, but they are necessary for our Soul's growth.

This concentration of Saturnian energy is calling us to task, asking us to look on a very pragmatic level, where we need to apply ourselves and our will. Saturn can either be a harsh teacher, or it can be our friend, depending on the choices we make. Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat in astrology, and those influenced by this sign are hard workers who will slowly but surely climb to the top.

This stellium brings for us the ability to discipline ourselves in a very earthy, practical way, and there can be a tendency now for us to put our focus on the material world, and it is a good time to do so.

However, it is always important for us to keep the balance and the way to strengthen the way forward for us in the material world, is to have a discipline in our spiritual lives as well. And that brings us back to our relationship with our karma.

This new moon also features an aspect known as the learning triangle, so, in keeping with Saturn's theme, this new moon is going to help us start a cycle in which we learn a few lessons. The good news is that both the planets Jupiter and Neptune are making happy aspects to the moon and Jupiter is a very expansive vibration and Neptune is higher consciousness and mysticism, so we are not going to be consumed by the earthy practicalities of Capricorn, or rather, perhaps our spiritual outlook might be more grounded at this time.

While the Sun (which is the masculine principle) provides life giving force, the lunar feminine energy is actually necessary for things to grow. The moon also governs our emotions, which can be subject to change, just like the waves of the ocean. The best ways to use the energies of this new moon is to:

1) Let go of karmic chords that are holding us back

2) Connecting to our roots (Saturn rules the root chakra) and feeling secured so that we are ready to raise our vibrations and harness our creative life force and channel it in a way that makes us feel alive and free

Interestingly enough, in ancient teachings such as kundalini yoga and what the Western world calls shamanism, it is taught that when we work on releasing our negative patterns within ourselves we effect our DNA and that in turn effects our bloodline going 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. In astrology, Saturn has 7 year cycles in a person's life and physically our body regenerates itself every 7 years.

What is your intention for this new moon? What do you want to let go of and what would you like to create moving forward? What part of your life is asking for Saturn's discipline and what part needs a touch of Jupiter's expansion?

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