What do the stars say about your destiny?

We are each a cosmic moment in time. From our first breath, we connect to the heavens and the heavens connect to us. Your astrological birth chart is the unique alignment of the stars and planets at the moment you were born. Studying your chart can give valuable insight into your psyche and the natural flow of your aptitudes as well as how to work with what may appear to be your achilles heel.

Knowledge is often freedom and freedom is our birth right. Our spirit is eternally free and forever evolving.

This website is dedicated to the amazing Linda Goodman who forever changed the course of my life, she was an astrologer, a spiritual teacher, an author, but wanted above all to be known as a poet. This website is a namesake of her book of poems, Venus Trines At Midnight, my way of paying homage to her legacy.

Explore this website to learn more about what the stars have to say about you, your soul's purpose and possible tomorrows.

Do you want to use astrology as a tool for self-transformation? While astrology gives guidance, meditation and other tools can work hand in hand it to help you create powerful change. Empower and awaken yourself through these tools by working with me!

My Background


I picked up my first astrology book when I was eight years old and since then I have had a passion for this ancient art. Astrology was my gateway into spirituality and self discovery and self transformation. During many forks in life I have found it to be a reliable tool of guidance and even focus and meditation. I am mostly self taught in that I used astrology throughout my life and studied it not just in the books but in the personalities, behavior and lives of those around me. That is how I came to be convinced of its helpfulness as a tool.

Want to know what your sun sign says about you? Read my post about SUN SIGNS

For me astrology is an intuitive art as much as a science like many will insist. Each of our atoms have their own 'planetary system' with the electrons orbiting around the nucleus. This gives me pause and makes me feel like the stars are as much a part of us as we are a part of the universe and there is some design to it all.

It is human nature to look for answers, and why not follow in the footsteps of the ancients and look to the stars?


Natal/Birth Chart Reading


Relationship Reading

Palm Reading

Solar Return Reading


Are they your soulmate or just a passing ship in the night? What is the potential for you to be together?


Perfect for couples, this reading is focused on the relationship between you and that special someone.

What can  love readings astrology tell you about your relationships?

Find out about the theme of your relationship, what strengths and weaknesses you bring out in each other and the lessons you can only learn from each other by getting a love reading.

Want to find out how the stars were aligned when you were born? This reading can give you an insight into the depths of your psyche, the gifts and talents you were born as well as the thorns in your rose.

Learn meditation for self introspection

What is your birthchart


Find out about your life's purpose and what you are here to accomplish by booking a reading today.

The stars get very talkative around our birthdays! A solar return reading is a perfect way to prepare for the year ahead.


What will your solar return reading tell you? 

Give the great birthday gift of a solar return chart for yourself or others!

Happy, Fulfilled Clients

“Some people are just naturally gifted and Lubaina is definitely one of those people. At a glimpse she will look at your astrological chart and will tell you things you already know about your life and you will be astounded at how clear she is. She is also very easygoing and loving with her clients and everybody she comes in contact with. She makes people feel comfortable and at home. She has helped me time and time again and I would recommend her to anybody and everybody who wants to get a better understanding of spiritual ideals and progressive/alternative healing modalities.

— Shaune Velazquez

“‘Luby’s work purposefully incorporates simple, meaningful tools with integrity and wisdom. She seems to navigate the healing world (i.e., everywhere) with a practical, passionate, and essential vision. She creates intentional space to explore the vivid, intangible world of heart, soul, and spirit for ourselves with her fearless and loving presence as a facilitator and witness. Working with her is an honor and a joy”

— Marshall Malone

“I am a former US Marine, Bank Manager and father of 2. I am these things and much more than these things. I am these things and none of these things. I am looking for the bigger picture.
I am sure that we can all agree that there is much more to life than what meets the eye. There are countless things that they do not teach you in school. I am on a journey to learn about those things, how I fit in, and what I must do.
Lubie has been instrumental in helping me to bridge that gap. You can call her a medium, channel, astrologer, energy worker or life coach. I call her a rare find.
Lubie is honest, has a good heart and you can be sure that her intentions are in your best interest. She has many gifts that will help you learn things to know yourself better.
There are many people that give readings out there in the world but I have never met anyone who I felt 100% confident that they were giving me the genuine article… until now. Lubie is is detailed and accurate and there will be no question in your mind about returning to her for more advice in the future.

I wish you Wisdom, Justice, Judgement and Equity.

— Eric Bunch
Palm Reading
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without" ~ Buddha

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